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ICAO airline designator. three letter identifier for an airline (two letters only until 1982) (for airports, see P239) International Civil Aviation Organization airline designator; Data type. String. Statements. instance of. Wikidata property to identify organisations. 0 references.


The NPRA shall hold all information provided confidential. The representative of the employer or guarantor shall act within the limits of the authorization.

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2 SUMMARY OF PROCEDURE Aggregate and other materials sampled in the field need to be reduced to appropriate sizes for testing. It is, therefore, necessary to …

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الهيدروجين أو الإيدروجين حسب قاموس المورد، البعلبكي، بيروت، لبنان. 1150 علاقات.

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تشكل أنواع النباتات البرية عنصراً أساسياً فى المملكة النباتية. ويغزو بعض هذه الأنواع محاصيل هامة فى مناح شتى من العالم كحشائش ضارة غير مرغوب فيها، كما ينتشر بعضها الآخر فى الصحارى والوديان.. وتتنوع تلك الأنواع فى ...

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PRACTICE TEST GRADE 12 Foundation 2014 Page 6 of 29 Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear a lecture and then answer 6 multiple choice questions based on what you hear. First you have two minutes to read through questions 6–11 so that you become familiar with them.


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IATA airline designator. two-character identifier for an airline. IATA reservation code; International Air Transport Association airline designator; Data type. String. Statements. instance of. Wikidata property to identify organisations. 0 references. Wikidata property for items about airlines.

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